How To Get The Most Out of Your Free Bankruptcy Consultation

Free Bankruptcy Consultation

You want to know how to get the most out of your free bankruptcy consultation?   This short article will help you maximize your free bankruptcy consultation.   Please read the following suggestions:

• Have your questions in writing.   Most of your questions will be answered as part of the consultation process.   However, it is always good practice to have your questions written down and cross them off as answered.

• Make a list of your household income from all sources.  It is helpful to have your latest pay stubs or year to date profit and loss, if applicable.

• Make a copy of your most recently filed income tax return.

• Bring any attorney or court generated correspondence for review.

• Bring any Internal Revenue Service correspondence, if applicable.

• Be aware of your biggest creditors and amount of debt in general.

• Know the payoff amount of your real estate and vehicles.

• Know the fair market value of your home, vehicles, boats, motorcycles, etc.

By reading the above short article you accomplished the following.   You now know how to get the most out of your free bankruptcy consultation.

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