Free Bankruptcy Consultation Spring, Texas

The bankruptcy lawyer, Yvette Recio, is now offering a free bankruptcy consultation in the Spring, Texas area.   I will discuss your debt relief options with you personally at our bankruptcy firm office located in The Woodlands, Texas.


Understanding the Free Bankruptcy Consultation Process Prior to Filing

Once you have hired our firm to handle your bankruptcy, you will receive a link to a site called “Bankruptcy Packet”.   Rather than manually writing down the required information in a paper questionnaire, the Bankruptcy Packet site allows you electronically input the information into your own password protected account. These are NOT the bankruptcy schedules and any information there included will be reviewed and changed before becoming the final bankruptcy schedules.

While completing the packet, you will also need to gather and deliver the following documents for due diligence review. (Additional documents may be requested depending on the specific of your case.)

• Last 3 years of filed income tax returns.

• 6 months bank account statements.

• 7 months of pay stubs or year to date profit and loss.

• Last statement for all secured debt. (Mortgage/Auto loan statement)

• Last credit card statement for all cards.

• Proof of insurance for real estate and automobiles.

• Divorce decree, if applicable.

You now know how to get the most out of your free bankruptcy consultation in or near the Spring, Texas area.

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